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§ 265-702        General Standards

  1. Obscene material, illustrations, or language shall not be depicted or displayed on any sign.
  2. To the extent possible, signs should meet the design guidelines prepared by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, attached as an appendix to this Ordinance.
  3. Notwithstanding that any signs not expressly authorized within this Article are prohibited, the following are expressly prohibited:
    1. Flashing Signs.
    2. Banners, series of balloons, and pennants.
    3. Balloons and other inflatable objects with a diameter of 2 feet or greater.
    4. Signs larger than 2 square feet that are suspended by chains, ropes, or other means designed to allow the sign to swing or move freely.
    5. Roof Signs.
    6. Signs affixed directly to a tree, utility pole, light pole, traffic control device, barn, shed, or roof of a building or structure.
    7. Back-lit, translucent awnings or canopies.
    8. Permanent signs made of plywood, pressed board, MDO or non-exterior grade wood products.
    9. Signs attached to or painted on a licensed vehicle within a residential zoning district if such sign is visible from a public street where such is displayed with the intent of advertising.
  4. Signs shall not block required sight distance at intersections of streets and access roads and driveways to streets.
  5. No sign or structure shall be erected at any location where, by reason of the position, shape or color of the sign or structure, it may interfere with, obstruct the view of or be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal or device or public directional, emergency, or street signage.
  6. The display of signage within public rights of way, including sidewalks within public rights of way shall be governed by Article VII of this Ordinance.
  7. Window signs displayed on a permanent basis shall be considered as walls signs for purposes of this Article.
  8. All external lighting associated with signs shall be provided as indirect lighting.
  9. Billboards, as defined, shall be permitted in the RRO Rural Resource Overlay District.  (See Section 265-406, Subsection F)