Tarentum Borough

MS4 Program

Detailing the efforts of Tarentum Borough to reduce pollutant discharge in to our storm water system.



In 2003, the PA DEP identified Tarentum Borough as a Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) community. As a Phase II community, the Borough is required to implement a storm water management program to minimize the impacts from storm water runoff and discharge.


Program Goals

Under the MS4 Program, we are required to incorporate the following six elements into our storm water management program: Public education and outreach. Public involvement and participation. Illicit discharge detection and elimination. Construction site runoff control. Post-construction storm water management. Pollution prevention of municipal operations.



Only Rain Down The Drain! No solids, no mulch, no trash, no pool draining, and no grass clippings! Don't dispose of pet waste in storm sewer gates. Don't drain your pool or hot tub in the storm drain. Don't let your car leak fluids. Don't use herbicides of chemical fertilizers. Go organic in your yard and garden.

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