Quick Info:

Borough Offices: 724.224.1818
Manager: x115
Mayor: x116
Billing and Payments: x111
Invoicing and Finance: x112

Police Station: 724.224.1515
Police Non-Emergency Line: 412.473.3056
Public Works: 724.226.1333
Tax Office: 724.224.1179
Water Plant: 724.224.9688
Zoning Department: 724.224.1818
Fire Departments: More Info.

Borough Manager

Dwight D. Boddorf

724.224.1818 x115

Police Chief

William Vakulick

724.224.1818 x117

Public Works Director

Mark Anuszek

724.224.1818 x203

Water Plant Manager

Jeffrey Adams

724.224.1818 x202

Finance Director

Alice Drisko

724.224.1818 x112

Accounts Payable

Michele Williams

724.224.1818 x111

Building Code Official

Anthony Bruni

724.224.1818 x114

Zoning Officer

Anthony Bruni

724.224.1818 x114

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