Tarentum Borough has experienced an increase in property maintenance concerns and building structure deterioration. This causes a negative effect on the quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses. In an effort to protect both property values and the health, safety and general welfare of our residents and guests, Borough Council has pushed for an increase in the issuance of tickets, citations and penalties to owners and/or occupiers of said properties for code and property maintenance violations.


Building Code Official / Zoning Officer

Anthony Bruni

724.224.1818 x114

Code and property violations can be reported to Code Officer Anthony Bruni by emailing here. Violations may include items such as:

  • High grass and weeds
  • Storing or accumulating rubbish, garbage, junk or litter
  • Dilapidated and dangerous property conditions
  • Storing or abandoning hazardous materials
  • Junk vehicles on or around a property

Code Office Monthly Reports

Monthly reports for the code office are presented at each monthly public meeting. The report contains brief statistics on the number of notices, violations and citations issued by the department. Please note, not all investigations, inquiries and responses by the department are listed on this monthly report. This report only contains the physical notices and citations issued. 

If you find that this section is not up to date, please look on the individual Council Meeting pages to locate the code officer monthly report.


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Ordinance Information

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