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§ 265-701        Calculation Methods

  1. For purposes of this Article, sign area shall be calculated as follows:
    1. In the case of panel or cabinet type signs, the sign area shall include the entire area of the sign panel, cabinet or face substrate upon which the sign copy is displayed or illustrated.
    2. Signs consisting of individual letters and/or elements or logos installed directly on a building surface will be measured as one sign when the distance between the letters and/or elements is less than the largest dimension of the largest sign letter.
    3. When the sign faces of a multi-sided sign are parallel or within 30 degrees of parallel, only one side is counted. If the sign faces are not parallel or within 30 degrees of parallel, all sign faces are counted.
  2. Where sign area allotment is calculated based on building frontage, the linear feet used shall be the length of the building façade at ground level.