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§ 265-403        HC-M, Highway Commercial and Manufacturing District

  1. Purpose. The HC-M District aims to encourage development and redevelopment of highway oriented retail and commercial uses near or with access to corridors of the Borough where land and corridor type may reasonably accommodate these uses and related vehicular and truck traffic.  Within these areas of the Borough, the District also aims to provide for comparatively large scale manufacturing and industrial uses that meet the performance standards of this Chapter. 
  2. Permitted Uses.  The following uses shall be authorized as permitted uses within the HC-M District:
    1. Administrative And Professional Offices
    2. Adult Day Services Center
    3. Animal Hospital/Clinic
    4. Assembly Hall, Public Or Semi-Public
    5. Bank
    6. Banquet Hall
    7. Bar/Tavern
    8. Bed And Breakfast
    9. Day Care Center
    10. Entertainment Recreation Facilities, Indoor
    11. Essential Service
    12. Essential Service Buildings
    13. Funeral Home
    14. General Retail
    15. Group Residential Facility
    16. Local Public Use
    17. Minor Equipment And Automotive Repairs
    18. Nursery Schools
    19. Personal Care Home
    20. Personal Service Establishment
    21. Pharmacy
    22. Restaurant
    23. School, Commercial
    24. School, Private
    25. Drive Through Facilities
    26. Industrial Uses
  3. Conditional Uses.  See Section 265-502
    1. Automotive Sales And Leasing
    2. Car Wash
    3. Commercial Kennel
    4. Hospital
    5. Service Station
    6. Adult Uses – Also see Ordinance #95-3.
  4. Basic Dimensional Standards. 
    1. Minimum Front Yard: 35 Feet
    2. Minimum Front Yard for Industrial Uses: 75 Feet from front lot line adjoining West Seventh Avenue.
    3. Minimum Side Yard: 20 Feet
    4. Minimum Rear Yard: 30 Feet
    5. Maximum Lot Coverage: 75 Percent
    6. Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage: 85 Percent
    7. Maximum Building Height:  45 feet or three stories, whichever is less.