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  1. Purpose.  The R-2 District aims to preserve the character of the Borough’s traditional residential neighborhoods which have historically been comprised of single family detached dwelling units on small lots. 
  2. Permitted Uses.  The following uses shall be authorized as permitted uses within the R-2 District:
    1. Single Family Dwelling
    2. Traditional Neighborhood Development
    3. Essential Services.
  3. Conditional Uses.  See Section 265-502.
    1. Duplex Dwelling
    2. Local Public Uses
    3. Essential Service Buildings
    4. Neighborhood Park or Community Center
    5. Church
    6. Day Care Center
    7. Adult Day Care Services Center
    8. Funeral Homes
  4. Basic Dimensional Standards. 
    1. Minimum Front Yard: The depth of the determined Build-to Line.
    2. Build-to Line: One quarter of lot width to fifteen feet unless otherwise specified in a Design Manual if adopted by the Borough.
    3. Minimum Side Yard: 12 Feet Total between both yards with two feet minimum on each side yard.
    4. Minimum Rear Yard: 25 Feet
    5. Maximum Lot Coverage: 80 Percent
    6. Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage: 85 Percent
    7. Maximum Building Height: 40 feet or two and one half stories, whichever is less.
    8. Minimum Lot Area: 5,000 square feet.
  5. Design Standards.  The following improvements and standards shall be constructed or adhered to where all new principal structures are proposed or where single family detached structures are converted to other uses authorized.
    1. Exterior building renovations and additions as well as new buildings shall be constructed in a manner that meets the District Performance Standards as set forth in Section 265-1104 and as applied to the building façade.
    2. Parking lot expansions and new parking lots shall meet the standards of Article VIII of this Ordinance and shall include screening in accordance with Section 265-901 of this ordinance.
    3. If not existing, a sidewalk or pedestrian connection from the entrance to the sidewalk shall be provided.
    4. If not existing, a sidewalk meeting Borough standards, constructed within the adjoining street right of way and spanning the frontage of the lot on which a traditional neighborhood development is proposed shall be constructed.
    5. Street trees, where specified shall be installed.
  6. Demolition of Structures.  No building of historic significance shall be demolished unless the applicant has demonstrated that the building is in disrepair and is in an immediately unsafe condition, thereby warranting condemnation by the Borough Building Code Official through the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and applicable Borough ordinances.