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  1. Nonconforming lots shall be considered lawful if shown by a recorded plat or deed in a manner not prohibited by zoning provisions in effect at the time of recording, provided that such have not been subsequently consolidated by recorded subdivision or deed.
  2. Nonconforming structures on nonconforming lots may be repaired or expanded in accordance with this Article provided that no further nonconformities are created beyond those otherwise permitted by this Article such as expansion into required yards.
  3. Construction of principal structures on such lots shall be in compliance with the existing standards of this Chapter with the following exception. Construction of a single family dwelling or a duplex dwelling on a nonconforming lot may encroach into required side yard setbacks if approved by conditional use from Borough Council with the following standards:
    1. The required side yard or yards shall not be reduced to less than two feet.
    2. The approved side yard shall be within the general character of the block on which the nonconforming lot is located with respect to typical spacing between dwelling units and typical location of structures in relation to the side lot lines.
    3. Where a duplex dwelling is constructed with reduced setbacks, the location of the structure shall permit the provision of parking otherwise required by this Chapter.
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