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§ 265-704        Commercial Center, CC and hcm highway commercial and manufacturing District Sign Standards

  1. The following types of signs shall be authorized in the Commercial Center CC District, on buildings an lots bearing one or more nonresidential principal uses, subject to the standards contained in this Section. No internal illumination of signs is permitted.
    1. Walls Signs
    2. Freestanding Signs
    3. Monument Signs
    4. Electronic Message Center
    5. Changeable Copy Sign
    6. Projecting Signs
    7. Awning and Canopy Signs
  2. Wall Signs.
    1. Wall Signs may be installed on any building façade.  The minimum sign area allotted shall be 15 feet for each building façade up to a maximum of 200 square feet.  The preceding allotments notwithstanding, permitted sign area shall be determined as follows by measuring the respective frontage of the respective building façade on which the wall sign is attached.  Multiple wall signs may be installed, the maximum cumulative sign area of which shall not exceed that authorized below.
      Sign Type Square Feet of Sign per linear foot of building frontage.
      Box sign 0.25
      Screened box sign with raised or recessed letters 05
      Raceway-mounted channel letter signs  1.0
      Pin-mounted channel letter sign 1.25
      Distinctive materials/design sign 1.50
    2. Wall signs shall not include changeable copy signs or electronic message centers, except as expressly authorized within this Section as wall signs.
    3. Wall signs representing an establishment located on solely on the first floor of a building be located a minimum of twelve feet and a maximum of twenty from the average grade of the ground.
    4. Walls signs representing an establishment located on the second floor of a building shall be located on the second story of a building shall be located over the header of the second floor and below the second floor cornice line on two story buildings or over the window header and below the sill line of third story windows of third stories.
    5. Wall signs shall bear only the name(s) or logos of the establishments located within the building on which the sign(s) are installed.
    6. Maximum Letter Height: 3’-0” (Three Feet)
    7. Wall signs shall not project more than 18” (Eighteen Inches) from the building façade to which it is attached.
  3. Awning and Canopy Signs
    1. Non-illuminated canopies or awnings with no more than 6 square feet of sign (copy) area on the border of the awning may be used in addition to wall signs. Other awning signs or canopy signs may be substituted for allowed wall signs, provided that the total combined number of wall signs and awning and canopy signs may not exceed that authorized for wall signs with respect to the building façade to which the signs are attached.
    2. Maximum Sign Area. Notwithstanding the sign area allotment limitations otherwise applicable, letters, logos, and symbols on awning or canopy signs are limited to a maximum area of 1.25 square feet per one foot of awning length or 25% of the awning area, whichever is less. The total combined length of letters, logos and symbols may not exceed 70% of awning or canopy length. In calculating the length and area of an awning or canopy only the single longest plane of the awning or canopy may be counted. This generally means that the valance and sides (ends) of the awning or canopy will not be counted for purposes of measuring length or area.
  4. Projecting Signs shall be permitted under the following conditions.
    1. The sign must be attached directly to the building façade as opposed to an awning or canopy.
    2. No more than one is installed for every 50 linear feet of building façade to which the sign(s) is (are) attached.
    3. The lowest point of the sign shall not be located less than 7.5 feet from the grade of adjacent ground.
    4. The sign shall no project more than 3.5 feet from the building façade to which it is attached.
    5. The sign area of such signs shall not exceed six feet or 25% of the allotted wall sign area of the respective building façade, whichever is less. The number of square feet used for projected signage shall be deducted from the wall signage allotted for the building façade to which the projected signage is affixed. 
  5. Freestanding and Monument Signs.
    1. One freestanding or monument sign is authorized in the front yard of each lot where the yard is ten feet or greater.
    2. The sign shall not exceed six feet in height.
    3. The sign area of freestanding signs shall not exceed 8 square feet.
    4. The sign area of monument signs and freestanding signs that are distinctive materials/design signs shall not exceed 24 square feet.
  6. Electronic Message Centers
    1. Electronic Message Centers shall be authorized as window signs provided that such do not encompass greater than eight square feet. Where, messages are intended to be conveyed to or font size or display are clearly discernible to the motoring public, messages shall remain stationary and shall not change more than once every five seconds.
    2. Electronic Message Centers are otherwise permitted as and subject to the standards of wall or projecting signs provided that such do not exceed ten square feet and display only time and temperature.
  7. Changeable Copy Signs.  Changeable copy signs shall be authorized to be incorporated as part of a freestanding sign, provided that the face consisting of the changeable copy sign does not exceed 30% of the sign area of the freestanding sign.