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§ 265-610        Tentative Plan, Consideration of Findings

Tentative approval shall be approved, denied, or approved with conditions based on the following findings of fact.

  1. In those respects in which the development plan is or is not consistent with the plans for the development of the Borough;
  2. The extent to which the development plan departs from zoning and subdivision regulations otherwise applicable to the subject property, including but not limited to density, bulk and use, and the reasons why such departures are or are not deemed to be in the public interest;
  3. The purpose, location and amount of the common open space in the planned residential development, the reliability of the proposals for maintenance and conservation of the common open space, and the adequacy or inadequacy of the amount and purpose of the common open space as related to the proposed density and type of residential development;
  4. The physical design of the development plan and the manner in which said design does or does not make adequate provision for public services, provide adequate control over vehicular traffic, and further the amenities of light and air, recreation and visual enjoyment;
  5. The relationship, beneficial or adverse, of the proposed planned residential development to the neighborhood in which it is proposed to be established;
  6. In the case of a development plan which proposes development over a period of years, the sufficiency of the terms and conditions intended to protect the interests of the public and of the residents of the planned residential development in the integrity of the development plan; and
  7. The mixture of uses and housing choices and commercial establishments and their ability or inability to meet current and anticipated needs of present and future residents and patrons.
  8. Adherence to all specific performance standards and requirements of this Article or lack thereof.