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§ 265-606        Site Design Standards

  1. Streets.
    1. Generally, streets shall be arranged in a grid pattern with limited use of cul-de-sac streets. Blocks shall generally be no longer than 600 feet.     Variations in street and grid design shall incorporate the preservation of natural topography and environmentally sensitive areas.
    2. Streets shall be constructed in accordance with the Borough’s Construction Standards unless such standards are waived by the Borough Council in accordance with Section 265-706E
    3. Lots bearing single family dwellings where a majority of said lots are less than 65 feet in width at the building line and/or those lots bearing structures with party walls shall be served by an alley. Alleys shall be a minimum of 16 feet in width.  The preceding shall be evaluated on a block by block basis.
    4. The Borough Council may require the installation of on-street parking in primarily commercial blocks of the TND where on-street parking helps to promote the objectives of this Article.
  2. Landscaping shall be in accordance with Article X.
  3. Parking: Parking may be provided in central lots serving establishments within one block of the lot.  In such instances, maintenance of the lot shall be maintained by an association in accordance with the standards and remedies for failure to maintain the lot set forth in Section 265-603.  Use of the lot and number of spaces credited per establishment shall be determined at the time of tentative approval.  Easements or fee simple ownership through an association shall be executed or established.
  4. Sidewalks. Sidewalks should be installed in accordance with Borough construction standards.  Sidewalks on blocks primarily serving nonresidential establishments shall promote pedestrian traffic between such establishments and from parking and common areas to the business district.
  5. Modification of Waiver of Standards. The Borough Council may waive standards of this Article or those otherwise applicable to the submitted TND Including but not limited to street width, landscaping, and parking requirements, where the applicant shall demonstrate that the proposed modification better furthers the objectives of this Article than the standards otherwise required. 
    1. Specifically, waiver of minimum street width and one way streets may be considered where blocks serving single family detached lots provided with alley access depending upon the overall functionality of the street with the TND’s street network.
    2. Landscaping requirements as relating to individual lots may be waived or the distribution of required landscaping may be modified based on the relationship structures and lots to the adjoining street.
  6. Development or redevelopment in the CC Commercial Center District should, to the extent possible, meet the design guidelines prepared by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, attached as an appendix to this Ordinance.