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§ 265-504        Planned Commercial Park Model

  1. The Planned Commercial Park Model is authorized in order to promote the provision of industrial, manufacturing, wholesale, and administrative uses and functions in a park like setting, integrated with adjoining open space and jointly maintained access roads, landscaping, and accessory uses and amenities.
  2. Authorized Uses. The following shall be authorized subject to meeting the performance standards of this chapter and the Planned Commercial Park Model.
    1. Assembly Hall, Public Or Semi-Public
    2. Industrial Uses
    3. Commercial Kennel
    4. Hotel Or Motel
    5. Multiple Family Dwelling
    6. All uses authorized as permitted by right in the Mixed Use Development Overlay District.
  3. Performance Standards. The following shall apply to the overall site.
    1. For purposes of this section, a site shall be defined as the entire tract of land or lot (s) under common ownership of which all or a portion of said lots are the subject of final land development approval, excluding public rights of way.
    2. General Design Standards. The plan shall meet the following general objectives and standards:
      1. The plan will incorporate areas of environmental value including but not limited to wooded steep slopes, wetlands, and floodplains as preserved focal points of the development.
      2. Development in accordance with the Planned Commercial Park Model shall promote a sense of destination and place while facilitating linkages between destinations in the Borough and recognized open space corridors.
      3. The scale of structures shall promote perception of the development as complementary to residential-scale uses including single family dwellings when coupled with surrounding park-like settings and buffering.
    3. Perimeter setbacks shall be determined by the yards otherwise required in the Mixed Use Development Overlay District.
    4. Interior yards on lots within the plan shall be enforced as follows:
      1. Front Yard: 50 Feet
      2. Side Yard: 30 Feet
      3. Rear Yard: 40 Feet
    5. Principal structures on the same lot shall be separated at least 30 feet from other such structures.
    6. Maximum Lot Coverage: 30%
    7. Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage: 50%
    8. Lot and impervious surface coverage ratios shall be increased respectively to 50% and 70% respectively as an incentive to and upon meeting the following standards:
      1. Covenants, as approved by the Borough Solicitor, shall be prepared and recorded in favor of the Borough and all future property owners ensuring that lot and impervious surface area coverage on lots within the plan collectively do not exceed the increased coverage granted by this section.
      2. No lot shall bear more than 80% total lot and impervious surface coverage.
      3. A minimum of ten percent of the total site area shall be dedicated as contiguous open space for the enjoyment of residents, tenants, employees, or visitors of principal uses on the site. Where the site adjoins a public trail or a public pedestrian connection is indicated on the Borough’s Official Map, such area shall be dedicated to the Borough for such use.
    9. Parking shall be subject to the same perimeter setbacks set forth in this section and may not encroach more than 50% into any other yard required.
    10. Access to the development shall be limited to one access point per public street on which the site fronts.
    11. The applicant shall submit a preliminary plan for the entire site for all imminent development as per the requirements of the applicable Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. The preliminary plat shall indicate planned street and access drive connections.
    12. The applicant shall submit a lighting and landscaping plan verifying compliance with Borough ordinances.
    13. Covenants guaranteeing compliance of future development and the overall site with the subject approval and Borough ordinances shall be provided in a manner acceptable to the Borough Solicitor and recorded with the related plats.