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§ 265-503        Cluster Option MODEL

  1. Purpose.  The Cluster Option is set forth to promote the preservation of wooded steep slopes and open space in the Borough as well as the minimization of street construction and long term maintenance of public improvements.
  2. Lot Types.
    1. Traditional Lot
    2. Suburban Lot
    3. Estate Lot
  3. Lot Standards. 
    Lot Type: Traditional Lot Suburban Lot Estate Lot
    Lot Size 7,000 to 10,000 square feet 10,001 to 20,000 square feet >20,000 square feet
    Required Front Yard 30 40 50
    Required Side Yard 15 total with neither yard less than 5 ft. 20 feet 20 Feet
    Required Rear Yard 20 25 30
    Minimum Lot Width 65 80 90
    Minimum Lot Frontage 65 48 54
  4. Determination of number of lots.
    1. The gross site area shall be defined as the cumulative lot areas of all parcels proposed for the cluster option.
    2. The gross site area shall be a minimum of five acres.
    3. The maximum density or number of lots permitted shall be two per acre.
  5. Mixture of Lots. Where application of a percentage results in a fraction of a lot, the number shall be rounded to the nearest whole number.
    1. Traditional Lots: 50% to 65%
    2. Suburban Lots: 30% to 50%
    3. Estate Lots: 0 to 20%
  6. The sole permitted principal use of each lot shall be limited to one single family dwelling.
  7. A minimum of 50% of the site shall be dedicated as open space in one or more of the following methods:
    1. Dedicated to the Borough at the sole discretion of Borough Council.
    2. Dedicated as open space to be maintained by a homeowner’s association.
    3. Established as estate lots where covenants in favor of the Borough are established to protect further subdivision of the lot and clear cutting of healthy forest beyond the anticipated curtilage of the proposed dwelling which is not exceed 25% of the lot size. Said lots shall bear adequate frontage on public streets existing at the time of application. 
  8. All proposed streets shall meet Borough standards unless waived in accordance with the ordinances requiring said standards.