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§ 265-103          Statement of Consistency and Community Development Objectives

This Zoning Ordinance promotes general consistency with the Borough Comprehensive Plan through the following Community Development Objectives:

  1. Facilitate the Redevelopment of the Third Ward and promote compatible infill development in the Borough’s traditional commercial center.
  2. Provide for maintenance, replacement, and connection of the Borough’s sidewalks and pedestrian infrastructure, namely within the commercial centers of the Borough.
  3. Encourage rehabilitation of structures that is consistent with the historic integrity and functionality of the neighborhood in which the structure is located through Traditional Neighborhood Development design standards.
  4. Provide clear standards for nonconforming uses that protect property rights while encouraging long term development and maintenance of compatible uses.
  5. Promote the maintenance and preservation of single family detached housing…/.
  6. Promote reuse of vacant or abandoned properties in a manner compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and uses.
  7. Encourage development of varied but compatible residential and nonresidential establishments, traditional neighborhood development, and preservation of open spaces corridors within areas of land available for development or redevelopment.