Comprehensive Plan Update

Tarentum Borough will be holding its Public Hearing tonight, Tuesday December 1, 2020 at 5:30 PM for the multi-municipal comprehensive plan. The hearing will take place via Zoom. To access the Public Zoom Meeting, please click or call below:
Meeting ID: 724 224 1818
Call In: (301) 715-8592

You can find the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan below or at the Comp Plan portion of our website.


The three northernmost communities along the Allegheny River in Allegheny County are in a position to forge a future that capitalizes on their location, assets and ambition for change.

Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan

Forging Our Future | Harrison • Brackenridge • Tarentum Comprehensive Plan (2020)

Forging Our Future | Appendix

Forging Our Future | Executive Summary