§ 265-1214 NONCONFORMING LOTS Nonconforming lots shall be considered lawful if shown by a recorded plat or deed in a manner not prohibited by zoning provisions in effect at the time of recording, provided that such have not been subsequently consolidated by recorded subdivision or deed. Nonconforming structures on nonconforming Read more…

§ 265-1213 PARKING

§ 265-1213 PARKING When an existing single family detached dwelling is converted to a duplex dwelling where authorized by this Chapter, off-street parking required for both units shall be provided and no credit for nonconforming deficiency of off-street parking shall be given for the existing single family detached dwelling unit.   

§ 265-1212 SIGNS

§ 265-1212 SIGNS Any nonconforming sign removed, whether by Act of God, vandalism, accident, or voluntarily, if replaced, shall be subject to all existing standards of this Chapter.

§ 265-1209 ABANDONMENT

§ 265-1209 ABANDONMENT A nonconforming use of a building or land that has been abandoned shall not thereafter be returned to such nonconforming use. A nonconforming use shall be considered abandoned as follows: When the intent of the owner to discontinue the use is apparent; or When the characteristic equipment Read more…


§ 265-1207 NONCONFORMING USES A nonconforming use shall not be extended, except as authorized by special exception pursuant to Section 265-1405.  The extension of a lawful or conforming use to any portion of a nonconforming building or structure that existed prior to the enactment of this Chapter shall not be Read more…