REMINDER: Hydrant flushing will occur for the next two weeks. Beginning on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, flushing will take place on the east side of Tarentum. The tentative plan is to flush the following areas:

Wed. 5/5 – E 1st through E 2nd
Thur. 5/6- E 3th through E 5th
Fri. 5/7 – E 7th through E 8th

Next week the flushing schedule will occur as follows:

Mon. 5/10 – E 9th through E 10th
Tue. 5/11 – E 11th and surrounding areas
Wed. 5/12 – W 6th and W 7th areas
Thur. 5/13 – W 8th and W 9th areas
Fri. 5/14 – W 10th, W 11th and surrounding areas

This schedule is subject to change. When flushing is occurring in your area, customers may experience low pressure or temporary water discoloration. If you notice brown or discolored water, briefly run your cold water to clear the line.

If your hot water tank should fill with any discolored water, you will need to run hot water to clear the tank.

Thank you!