NEW: The map below provides a list of properties within Tarentum Borough which were delinquent during the 2019 calendar year. The properties on this map are all listed on the Delinquent Tax spreadsheet. The map, document and other information can also be found on the Tax Delinquency Page of the tax office website. As of publication, some of these properties may no longer be delinquent. Please contact the tax office for up-to-date delinquent tax information.

The purpose of this map is to allow residents, property buyers, developers and any other interested party to see locations of delinquent property within the Borough. The hope is to possibly encourage future acquisition.

Neighbors looking to acquire a tax delinquent side lot. Prospective buyers looking to invest. Individuals who are considering the Allegheny County Vacant Property recovery program. There are a host of possibilities for those who are considering the acquisition of a delinquent parcel.