The Borough of Tarentum held a duly advertised, regular public meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, 2019. Below you will find all relevant reports, documents and communications presented at the public meeting. Copies of the agenda and minutes are also available on this site.

PDF Agenda:
2019.05.09 – Agenda

PDF Minutes:
2019.05.09 – Minutes

Prior Meeting Minutes:
2019.04.04 – Minutes

Meeting Documents:
2019.05.09 – Sign In Sheet
2019.04 – Eureka Report
2019.04 – Highland Hose Report
2019.04 – Summit Hose Report
2019.04 – Legislative Locator
2019.05 – Engineer Report
2019.04 – Code Officer Report
2019.04 – Public Works Report
2019.04 – Water Plant Report
2019.05 – Communications

Draft Legislation:
Ordinance #19-05: Shade Tree Commission (Draft)

Approved Legislation:


At the public meeting on May 9, 2019 members of the Tarentum Police Department and Eureka EMS service were honored by Mayor Eric Carter, Councilman Tim Cornuet and Chief William Vakulick. These seven members of our emergency services responded to a “life threatening” call of a child drowning incident. Their efforts resulted in a life-saving effort to this child. These first responders and the child were all honored at this public meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are not official until approved at the next public meeting.

2019.05.09 – Minutes