Report A Vacancy

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Why Reporting Matters:

Your assistance is notifying the Borough of vacant properties is extremely valuable. Some vacant properties are severely dilapidated and need to be demolished. Some vacancies should be boarded up to prevent safety concerns or vandalism. Some vacancies are aesthetically undesirable. The Borough is aware of these various issues. We will strive to take corrective action and rectify these issues. 

Reporting a vacancy is helpful for the Borough. Even if action may not be immediately undertaken towards a visible remedy, your report helps in several key ways. The Borough can take steps to monitor the property. The Borough can look into remediation options. The Borough can track development or progress at the property. Lastly, vacant properties must now be registered in the Borough so that we can take measures to prevent safety concerns, hazards and other issues from arising in these locations.

Tarentum Borough is beginning to use various tools and modern technology to assess our property market. We want to gain a better understanding of our economic conditions, while at the same time studying the layout of various neighborhoods.  Every piece of information is vital as we work toward tracking and resolving issues in our community. Please feel free to report a known or possible vacant property located within the Borough.


The publication below provides valuable insight on the true cost of abandoned properties:
Understanding the True Costs of Abandoned Properties| Aaron Klein | January 2017

On quantifying costs of vacant structures: “These costs may appear self evident at first – the reduction in property value for the building, for neighbors, for the community – but they are often broader than commonly appreciated: major costs stem from increased crime and arson generated from abandoned properties.”

Four effects of deteriorated properties: “1. Reduction in property value of surrounding homes  2. Increased crime  3. Increased probability of fire  4. Reduced tax base for local governments”