Tarentum Planning Commission

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2024 Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission meets at 5:00 PM on the fourth Monday of each month in Borough Council Chambers.

01/29/2024              Planning Meeting

07/22/2024              Planning Meeting

02/26/2024              Planning Meeting

08/26/2024              Planning Meeting

03/25/2024              Planning Meeting

09/23/2024              Planning Meeting

04/22/2024              Planning Meeting

10/28/2024              Planning Meeting

05/20/2024              Planning Meeting

11/25/2024              Planning Meeting

06/24/2024              Planning Meeting

12/16/2024              Planning Meeting


The Planning Commission, appointed by Council, is responsible for short—and long-term planning within the Borough. It reviews subdivision plans and rezoning requests and makes recommendations to the Borough Council.

Powers and Duties:

A. The Borough Planning Commission shall have all the powers and be subject to all the duties under the Acts of Assembly applicable thereto.

B. The Commission hereby established shall act as the Zoning Commission of the Borough of Tarentum and shall recommend boundaries of the original zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein and shall make a preliminary report after holding a public hearing before submitting a final report to the Council.

C. Insofar as the duties of said Commission apply as Zoning Commission, the Council shall not hold any hearings on matters or take any action until it has received the final report and recommendations of the Zoning Commission


Jim Bonner, Chair

Carrie Fox

Cindy Homberg

Judith Pearson

Tim Rapp

Dianna Roney

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