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§ 265-801 GENERAL

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§ 265-801

  1. Parking shall be provided in accordance with the rates cited in the following schedule and in accordance with the specifications and standards set forth in this article and associated development approvals.
    Use Requirement
    Administrative And Professional Offices 1 per 325 square feet of gross floor area.
    Adult Day Services Center One space per three clients, based on the maximum authorized occupancy at any one time during the Center’s operation.
    Adult Uses Determined as per parking study
    Animal Hospital/Clinic 4 Spaces for every veterinarian and one space for each additional employee.
    Assembly Hall, Public Or Semi-Public Number of spaces shall equal twenty percent of the maximum occupancy determined by the Uniform Construction Code.
    Bank One per 250 feet of floor area.
    Banquet Hall 1 for every 3 1/2 seats for areas with fixed seating, plus 1 for each 100 square feet of assembly area or display area without fixed seating, plus 1 for every 2 employees on a peak shift
    Bar/Tavern .85 spaces per seat
    Bed And Breakfast Two spaces plus one space per guest bedroom.
    Car Wash Four stacking spaces per either bay (self-serve car wash) or four standard parking spaces per bay plus one space per employee on peak shift for full serve carwash.
    Cemetery 1 for each employee, plus 1/4 space for every seat of a chapel or assembly room
    Church 1 for every four seats in places of assembly
    Convenience Store One per 150 square feet of gross floor area
    Day Care Center 1 for each teacher, administrator or employee on a peak shift, plus one for every 6 persons based on regulated maximum capacity
    Dwelling Unit Two per multi family dwelling unit and 2 per dwelling unit for all other dwelling unit types
    Entertainment Recreation Facilities, Indoor Determined as per parking study
    Essential Service Two spaces
    Essential Service Buildings One per employee on peak shift and one per 250 square feet of meeting room space.
    Family Day Care Home Five Spaces
    Funeral Home One space for each 50 square feet of floor area in the public or parlor rooms plus one space for each vehicle maintained on the premises, plus one space for each employee.
    General Retail 1 for every 225 square feet of gross floor area.
    Greenhouse, Retail 1 1/2 for every 1,000 square feet of gross floor area
    Grocery Store 1 for every 200 square feet of gross floor area
    Group Residential Facility Determined as per parking study
    Hospital Determined as per parking study
    Hotel or Motel 1 per sleeping room.  A parking study is required for other accessory functions that may serve patrons other than hotel guests.
    Industrial Uses One per employee on peak shift plus an additional number equal to 25 percent of peak shift number of employees
    Local Public Use For schools, sufficient parking for teachers and one space per ten students enrolled. Other services shall include sufficient parking for employees plus a minimum of six additional spaces.
    Medical Offices Two spaces per treatment room or chair (whichever is greater) and one per doctor and/or employee on peak shift.
    Minor Equipment And Automotive Repairs One space per 250 feet of gross floor area
    Mobilehome Parks One space per 250 feet of floor area
    Nursery Schools 3 for each classroom and administrative office or  1 space for every four seats in places of assembly available to the public, whichever requirement is greater
    Outdoor Commercial Recreation Determined as per parking study
    Personal Care Home 1 for every 4 beds, plus 1 for each staff position during the peak shift
    Personal Service Establishment 1 per 350 square feet of gross floor area.
    Pharmacy 1 per 200 square feet of gross floor area.
    Restaurant 1 space per every three seats
    Retail Supercenter Determined as per parking study
    School, Commercial Determined as per parking study
    School, Private Determined as per parking study
    Service Station Parking or storage space for all vehicles used directly in the conduct of the business plus one (1) parking space for each gas pump, three (3) spaces for each grease rack or similar facility, and one (1) space for every two (2) persons employed on the premises at maximum employment on a single shift.
    Similar Uses, Undefined Determined as per parking study
    Supermarket 1 for every 250 square feet of gross floor area
    Transitional Residential Facility Determined as per parking study
  2. Parking for dwelling units may be accommodated within garages with each bay capable of accommodating a motor vehicle equaling one space. Such garages shall be accessory structures to the principal structure(s) for which parking is required.
  3. All areas used for parking, access, and loading shall be paved with an all-weather dustless material such as asphalt, grouted brick, concrete, pavers, or similar material approved by the Borough Engineer.
  4. Measurement of Space. When determination of the number of required off-street parking spaces results in a fractional space, any fraction up to and including one-half may be disregarded, and fractions over one-half shall be interpreted as one parking space.
  5. Parking Study. Where parking is to be determined by a study, said study shall be performed by a qualified engineer in accordance with the following standards:
    1. Parking requirements shall be related to current and relevant studies conducted by the Institute of Traffic Engineers or a similarly accepted industry standard and shall be directly related to the size, number of employees, hours of operation, and other applicable factors associated with the particular establishment proposed; or parking requirement studies may be based upon studies of similar establishments at existing locations in accordance with the preceding standards.
    2. The study shall outline minimum parking requirements based on certain criteria including but not limited to employees, floor area, and hours of operation.  Said criteria shall be used to determine future parking requirements if or when additional parking is required due to building, employment, or similar expansion of activities requiring additional parking.
    3. The study shall be sealed by a qualified engineer.
    4. The study shall subject to the review and approval of the Borough Engineer or a qualified Engineer as appointed by the Borough to review the study.
    5. The study shall address the number of off street loading spaces that are required.
  6. Access – parking facilities shall be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in such manner as will least interfere with the movement of traffic. No driveway or curb cut in any district shall exceed twenty-five (25) feet in width for one-way movement or thirty-two (32) feet in width for two-way movement.
  7. Parking Space – Description – a required off-street parking space shall be not less than nine (9) feet wide by eighteen (18) feet long measured perpendicularly to the sides of the parking space exclusive of access drives or aisles, ramps, columns, or office and work areas, directly accessible from streets or alleys or from private driveways or aisles leading to streets or alleys and to be used for the storage or parking of passenger automobiles or commercial vehicles under one and one-half (1 ½) ton capacity.
  8. Aisles between vehicular parking spaces shall be not less than twelve (12) feet in width when serving automobiles parked at a forty-five (45) degree angle in one direction, not less than twenty two (22) feet in width when serving automobiles parked perpendicularly for two way aisle movement, and not less than twenty (20) feet in width when serving automobiles parked perpendicularly for one way aisle movement.
  9. Off-street Loading
    1. The minimum size loading space shall be 40 feet in depth and 12 feet in width, with an overhead clearance of 14 feet.
    2. A minimum of one off-street loading space shall be provided on any lot on which a building exceeding 6,000 square feet of gross floor area for business or industry is hereafter erected or converted.
    3. All commercial and industrial establishments shall provide loading and unloading and commercial vehicle storage space(s) adequate for their needs. This required space will be provided in addition to established requirements for patron and employee parking. Loading space shall be provided to ensure that in no case where a building is erected, converted or enlarged for commercial, manufacturing or business purposes shall the public rights-of-way or approved access roads be used for loading or unloading of materials.
    4. Required off-street parking spaces shall not be computed for loading and unloading purposes.
  10. Shared Parking. Shared parking is permitted for development containing multiple principal uses or establishments not withstanding and in accordance with 804-2 for offsite parking, where the minimum spaces in the lot utilizing such is computed as follows and accordance with the table in 265-901A.
    1. Determine the minimum parking requirements in accordance with Table 808-2 for each land use as if it were a separate use;
    2. Multiply each amount by the corresponding percentages for each of the five time periods set forth in Columns (B) through (F) of Table 808-2;
    3. Calculate the total parking demand for each time period;
    4. Select the column with the highest total and use this number as the required minimum number of parking spaces.
      Shared Parking Allowance by Land Use
        Weekday Weekend  
      Land Use Daytime* Evening* Daytime* Evening* Nighttime*
      Office, Industrial 100% 10% 10% 5% 5%
      Retail 60% 90% 100% 70% 5%
      Hotel 75% 100% 75% 100% 75%
      Restaurant 50% 100% 100% 100% 10%
      Entertainment, Recreation 40% 100% 80% 100% 10%
      Key:      Daytime:  6 a.m. – 5 p.m.

      Evening:  5 p.m. – midnight

      Nighttime:  Midnight – 6 a.m.

    5. Shared parking shall be permitted in the CC Commercial Center District on public parking lots, metered spaces and other unassigned designated on-street parking spaces located within five hundred feet (500’) of the use generating the need for such parking, and may be counted toward meeting the off-street parking requirements of said use.
  11. Off-Site Parking. Unless otherwise approved through a Traditional Neighborhood Development in accordance with the following standards, all parking shall be located on the same lot as the principal use(s) which it serves except that off-site parking shall be authorized as a conditional use subject to the following same standards:
    1. The parking shall lie within 500 linear feet of the entrance to the building housing the establishment for which the parking is required.
    2. The parking area shall be connected to the principal structure by a system of sidewalks and crosswalks meeting all Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, American with Disabilities Act, and other applicable Borough standards.
    3. Easements or leases shall be executed in a manner that guarantees use of the parking area sufficient to meet the minimum parking requirements of this article. The applicant shall execute a developer’s agreement, prepared by the Borough Solicitor, which gives notice that operation and occupancy of the subject establishment(s) is contingent upon continued access to the off-site parking approved.
    4. Existing parking lots, all or a portion of which, are proposed for off-site parking, shall meet the dimensional requirements set forth in this article for aisle width, access, and parking stall size.
  12. Uses located in historically designated structures are exempt from off-street parking requirements.