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§ 265-706        Miscellaneous Standards

  1. Menu Board Signs. Menu board signs accessory to allowed drive-through uses are permitted in addition to other allowed signs, as follows:
    1. Number and Dimensions.
      1. Primary Menu Board. One primary menu board not to exceed 36 square feet in area or 8 eight feet in height is allowed per order station up to a maximum of 2 primary menu boards.
      2. Secondary Menu Board. One secondary menu board not to exceed 15 square feet in area or 6 six feet in height is allowed.
    2. Residential Separation. Menu board signs must be set back at least 75 feet from residential zoning districts.
  2. Neighborhood or Subdivision Identification Signs. Neighborhood or subdivision identification sign are allowed as entrance features to neighborhoods or subdivisions and must be actively maintained by a homeowners association. Neighborhood/subdivision identification signs must be monument signs and may not exceed 8 feet in height or 40 square feet of sign area. One such sign shall be authorized for a group of multi-family dwellings and may be installed as a freestanding sign in the form of a distinctive materials/design sign not to exceed 20 square feet.
  3. Temporary Signs.  The following shall be authorized for non-residential establishments in all districts. One Temporary sign no greater than sixteen square feet in sign area may be displayed for a period not more than 30 days after the opening of an establishment nor fourteen days before the opening of said establishment. One temporary sign not exceeding twenty four square feet and advertising an onsite promotional event for an establishment may be placed at an establishment two times per year, not to exceed 14 days each time.