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  1. A landowner or holder of equitable title to a parcel or parcels within the Borough may request a change of zoning classification for said parcel(s) or portion thereof. The applicant shall submit the fee required by the Borough along with the amount of copies required by local resolution and shall include the deeds to all properties, a metes and bounds description of the area proposed to be reclassified if said area represents a portion of the parcel(s) owned, proof of equitable title where applicable, and a statement detailing the conformance of the request to the Tarentum Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives.
  2. The landowner shall file an application with required fees as per Borough resolution on forms provided by the Borough.
  3. The Zoning Officer shall forward a copy of the application and request to the Allegheny County Economic Development and the Planning Commission and shall allow 30 days for comment. A copy shall be submitted to the planning commission.
  4. The Zoning Officer shall schedule a public hearing, advertised according to public notice, 30 days or more after the submission to County planning agency.
  5. The Zoning Officer shall mail correspondence stating the date, time, and purpose of the public hearing to all property owners of record within the planning area, as identified in the tax records, within 200 feet of the lot lines of the subject parcel or parcels.
  6. The Zoning Officer shall post the subject property or properties at points noticeable to the general public and/or effected property owners where the parcel does not border a public street.
  7. The Planning Commission shall provide a recommendation to the full Council, which after holding a public hearing or hearings pursuant to public notice may approve or deny the request. The ordinance and map amendments, if approved, shall be forwarded to the Allegheny County Economic Development within 30 days of ordinance enactment.