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  1. Council shall, by resolution, appoint five qualified residents, who do not serve as elected officials and are not employees or appointees thereof, to the Zoning Hearing Board. Initial appointments shall be staggered so that one expires each year for the first five years and all subsequent appointments shall be for five year terms.
  2. Removal of Members. Any Board member may be removed for malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance in office or for other just cause by a majority vote of the Borough Council appointing said member, taken after the member has received 15 days advance notice of the intent to take such a vote. A hearing shall be held in connection with the vote if the member shall request it in writing within the aforementioned time period.
  3. The Board shall elect from its own membership its officers, who shall serve annual terms as such and may succeed themselves. For the conduct of any hearing and the taking of any action, a quorum shall be not less than a majority of all the members of the Board. The Board shall also appoint a hearing officer from its own membership to conduct any hearing on its behalf where the parties agree to waive further action by the Board.
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