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  1. After completion of a building or structure for which a Zoning Certificate has been issued, and inspection has determined that all requirements of the Ordinance have been met, a certificate of occupancy shall be issued by the Zoning Officer. The certificate of occupancy shall state that the building and proposed use thereof complies with the provisions of the Ordinance.
  2. No nonconforming use shall be renewed, changed or extended without a certificate of occupancy having first been issued by the Zoning Officer for such use as per applicable approval from the Zoning Hearing Board.
  3. The Zoning Officer shall maintain a record of all certificates and copies shall be furnished, upon request, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy interest in the building affected.
  4. No permit for excavation, or erection, alteration of, or repair to any building shall be issued until an application has been made for a certificate of occupancy.
  5. A zoning certificate of occupancy shall be required for all changes in tenants within nonresidential principal uses and for nonresidential occupancy of any building.
  6. A zoning certificate of occupancy shall be required for all home occupations and family home day care facilities.