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  1. As part of a decision otherwise required by process mandated by this ordinance including conditional uses and traditional neighborhood developments, Council shall evaluate whether or not buildings impacted by the proposed application should be designated or defined as buildings of historic significance.
  2. In order to be designated as a building of historic significance, thereby subject to standards and protections accorded to such structures, the building must be fifty (50) years old or older and must meet one or more of the following criteria:
    1. Possess significant character, interest, or value associated with the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the Borough and is associated with a significant period of time in its history;
    2. Is representative of the built environment of an era of history as characterized by distinctive architectural styles;
    3. Is the site or location of a notable local event considered to have had a significant effect on the Borough;
    4. Is an example of the cultural, political, economic, social, or historical heritage of the community;
    5. Has achieved significance within the past fifty years or is of exceptional importance to the Borough;
    6. Possesses a unique location or physical characteristics that represent an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood within the Borough.
  3. Council may rely upon evaluations and reports prepared by qualified professionals including but not limited to architects, landscape architects, and historians. Costs for such evaluations shall be borne by the applicant but shall limited solely to the evaluation of the subject structure.
  4. Information concerning the historical significance of a building or buildings impacted by a proposed application may be introduced by the applicant or a member of the general public.