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  1. A home based business that involves an activity or operation which is construed as being capable of adversely influencing surrounding residential uses through any of the following conditions shall not be permitted:
    1. Changes the external appearance of the dwelling;
    2. Is visible from surrounding properties or the adjacent street;
    3. Generates traffic, parking or utility use in excess of normal levels in the neighborhood;
    4. Creates hazards to persons or property;
    5. Creates interference or a nuisance;
    6. Involves outside storage, display or operations; or,
    7. Utilizes more than Twenty-five percent (25%) of the floor area of the primary dwelling structure; Fifty percent (50%) of the floor area of an accessory structure; or, 3. A combined total floor area which exceeds four hundred (400) square feet.
  2. Only members of the family residing on the premises shall be permitted to work at the establishment.
  3. Activities shall be limited to the following:
    1. Professional, technical or business pursuits that involve only office related functions and practices.
    2. Light handicrafts, sewing, photography and objects of art.
    3. Teaching instruction limited to no more than three (3) students at any one time.
    4. Small appliance and lawn mower repair provided that equipment is not stored within a completely enclosed building.
    5. Beautician, barber and similar services, limited to no more than two (2) clients at any one time.
    6. Personal services that meet the definition of adult uses as defined in this Chapter are expressly prohibited.