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Outdoor lighting shall be provided in accordance with the following standards for the following uses:

  1. Multi-Family shall include multi-family and groups of townhouse dwelling units.
  2. Residential shall include all types of units other than multi-family, namely single family and duplex dwellings. 
  3. Commercial uses shall include all retail, office, and personal service activities.
  4. Industrial uses shall also include warehouse, wholesale, and distribution. 
  5. Educational uses shall include public, private, commercial, and nursery schools and day care centers.
  6. Private Recreational uses as provided for in this Chapter.
  7. Institutional uses including hospitals, clinics, churches, and public and semi-public uses.
    1. In addition, the glare-control requirements herein apply to lighting in all of the above-mentioned uses as well as, but not limited to, signs and architectural, landscaping and residential lighting.