Smarter Government

Tarentum Borough is always trying to improve how we can address resident concerns more swiftly, effectively and efficiently. As part of that effort we encourage all residents to download the GovAlert mobile app. This smartphone (and web based) technology provide greater integration into our department processes to ensure concerns are addressed as quickly as possible and provides alerts keep you informed of each step in the process of addressing your concern.

Please download the GovAlert mobile app and begin reporting your concerns within Tarentum Borough. You can now report a number of concerns including:

  • Animal concerns
  • Building  structure and use concerns
  • Construction and zoning issues
  • Garbage and trash
  • Public works issues including potholes or inoperative traffic lights
  • Sanitary matters including grass, tree and snow issues

GovAlert Mobile App

Available for free download for Android and iOS, the GovAlert mobile app enables constituents to express concerns to Tarentum Borough officials with unprecedented immediacy and convenience.

Users can snap a picture of a pothole, litter, or other non-emergency along with a description of the situation. In just one tap, the concern is sent to our office, as determined by device location settings. The appropriate government official will receive the alert in real time and address the concern. You can track the progress of your concern via the mobile app.