The Borough of Tarentum has three fire companies situated within the 1.4 square miles of the Borough. Collectively, the three fire companies form the Tarentum Volunteer Fire Department (T.F.D.) consisting of Highland, Eureka and Summit Hose Companies. The T.F.D. has adopted a Constitution and By-Laws which can be found here. More information on T.F.D. can be found below.

Contact Information

Eureka Fire & Rescue

304 E. Third Ave
Tarentum, PA 15084
Fax 724-224-9199

Fire Chief: Rich Heuser
President: Dave Webb 

Fire Chief: Rich Heuser
Deputy Chief: Brad James
Fire Captain: Howie Ament
Rescue Captain: Susan Clark
Lieutenant: Brian McGrath
Lieutenant: Chad Clark

Rich Heuser
Tim Cornuet
Brian McGrath
Tim James
Larry Johnson
Dave Whanger
Dave Webb
Brad James
Bob McGrath
Shannon McKruit
George Carson
Fred Sherick
Bill Williams
Howie Ament
Chad Clark
Susan Clark
Nate Ebeling
Deanna Webb
Chad Valasek
Rodger Blystone

President: Dave Webb
Vice President: Tim James
Secretary: Susan Clark
Treasurer: Fred Sherick

Operations Manager: Shannon McKruit

Highland Hose Co.

401 E. Eighth Ave
Tarentum, PA 15084
Fax 724-224-5149

Chief: Terry Chambon
President: Michael Koval 

Fire Chief: Terry Chambon
Assistant Chief: Michael Koval
Fire Captain: Shawn Wood
Ladder Captain: Tommy Silliman
Lieutenant: Robert Stoebener

President: Michael Koval
Vice President: Scott Simmers
Secretary: Brian Hilliard
Asst. Secretary: Robert Stoebener
Treasurer: Shawn Wood
Asst. Treasurer: Tommy Silliman
Trustee: Alfred Schuster
Trustee: Robert Stoebener
Trustee: Brian Hilliard

Summit Station

321 W. Seventh Ave
Tarentum, PA 15084
Fax 724-224-4898

Chief: Joshua Fox
President: Michael Flack

Fire Chief: Joshua H. Fox
Assistant Chief: Tarek Masaoud
Fire Captain: Ryan Sieminski
Lieutenant: Michael Flack
Lieutenant: Michael Harpster
Chief Engineer: Matt Hensel

Javon Thorpe
Kodey Heckman
Matthew J Stefancic
Steven Milisits
Anthony Sieminski
Samuel Johnson
Jesse Sieminski
Kamren Heckman
Mark Anusek
Tim Firko
David Kengor
John Hudec

President: Michael Flack
Vice President: Matt Hensel
Secretary: Sam Johnson

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2018.02 Report

2018.03 Report

2018.04 Report

2018.05 Report

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2018.08 Report

Fire Department Fund Drive

Annually the Tarentum Volunteer Fire Department holds a fund drive to help offset the cost of operations. Below you will find more information including a donation form. 

Donation Request

EMS Fund Drive

Annually Eureka EMS holds a fund drive to help offset the cost of operations. Below you will find more information including a donation form. 

Donation Request02

Donation Request03

More Information

Tarentum Fire Department Constitution and By-Laws

Mutual Aid Agreement – Brackenridge Borough

Mutual Aid Agreement – Allegheny Ludlum

Peer Assessment Report (2004) – In 2004, through the assistance of the PA DCED Governor’s Center, a review and evaluation of the operation of the Highland, Summit and Eureka Hose Companies was requested by Tarentum Borough Council. The study examined the Fire Department facilities, equipment, vehicles, training, quality of service, administration, budgets, capital needs and mutual aid agreements. The report of findings and recommendations is presented above in the Peer Assessment Report of 2004.

Public Protection Classification Report – Tarentum Borough maintains an ISO Rating of 3. A study by Insurance Services Office, Inc. was completed in July 2013. The study rates relative risks for fire losses with a Public Protection Classification of 1 describing the least risk (lowest insurance premiums) and 10 describing the most risk (highest insurance premiums). The statewide average for a volunteer fire department is “5”. Three key elements drive these scores: water supply, codes, and fire department quality. Lower risk numbers help drive lower insurance premiums. Re-evaluation typically occurs every 10 years.

Fire Relief Association

The Tarentum Fire Department Relief Association, also referred to as the Volunteer Firefighters’ Relief Association (VFRA) is a charitable organization that was formed primarily to afford financial protection to volunteer firefighters and to encourage individuals to participate in volunteer fire service. The VFRA is governed by Act 118 and conducts business pursuant to the associations by-laws.

Periodically the Auditor General of Pennsylvania will conduct a compliance audit of the VFRA relief funds. The objective of the audit is to determine if the relief association received state aid and expends all funds in compliance with applicable state laws, contracts, bylaws and administrative procedures. Below are copies of prior year audits which can be found at

VFRA Audit (2018-2020)

VFRA Audit (2016-2017)

VFRA Audit (2013-2015)

VFRA Audit (2010-2012)

VFRA Audit (2005-2007)

VFRA Audit (2003-2004)