Tarentum Borough

2019 Demolition Project

Tarentum Borough council has budgeted $150,000 in FY2019 for property demolition. Follow the demolition project here for status updates, cost analysis and more information. 

Tarentum Borough is actively working to revamp the make up of our tax base. We hope to build a foundation for a strong, sustainable tax base for many years to come. To that end, the Borough plans on completing a large scale demolition project which will carry through the next several years. Beginning in 2019, we have identified over 30 properties to begin this endeavor.

As we progress forward, the Borough hopes to play a role in the re-correction of our own economy and residential housing market. Through a large scale demolition project we plan to eliminate dangerous and deteriorated properties which create safety concerns and diminish property values. The Borough hopes to create larger plots of land to allow neighbors or developers a greater opportunity for community investment. A significant portion of our focus remains allocated to side-yard opportunities to put vacant property back in the hands of residents.

Side Yard Candidates

The properties listed below are just a small sample of possible side yard projects. We hope to find interested neighbors to acquire lots adjacent to their property. This would improve the character of the neighborhood and increase the property value of the surrounding properties. 

437 E 7th

  • 108.1.1 Unsafe structure
  • 109.1 Imminent danger
  • 304.5 Foundation walls

611 Roup

  • 108.1.1 Unsafe structure
  • 108.1.5 Dangerous structure
  • 304.1.1 Unsafe conditions

515 E 5th Rear

  • 108.1.1 Unsafe structure
  • 108.1.3 Structure unfit
  • 302.5 Rodent harborage

The side yard project within the Borough is administered via the Vacant Property Recovery program offered through Allegheny County Redevelopment. This program allows individuals, municipalities, community groups, local businesses, and private and nonprofit developers to acquire neighboring properties and structures which are vacant and tax delinquent. The program assists buyers with forgiving outstanding taxes, liens and other obligations on the property so that it can be re-acquired and put back on the tax rolls with a new owner.

Demolition List

View the project spreadsheet here or see below for the tentative demolition list.

Public Bidding Documents

Tarentum Borough – Asbestos Testing RFP #01 – Deadline July 1, 2019

For questions regarding public bidding documents and other professional services related to this demolition project, please contact Borough Manager Michael Nestico (mnestico@tarentumboro.com)

Fun Facts

Pending Demolitions
2019 Completed Demolitions
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Asbestos Tested Properties
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Project Cost to Date


Photos coming soon. Demolition expected to begin in August 2019.


The publication below provides valuable insight on the true cost of abandoned properties:
Understanding the True Costs of Abandoned Properties | Aaron Klein | January 2017

On quantifying costs of vacant structures: “These costs may appear self evident at first – the reduction in property value for the building, for neighbors, for the community – but they are often broader than commonly appreciated: major costs stem from increased crime and arson generated from abandoned properties.”

Four effects of deteriorated properties: “1. Reduction in property value of surrounding homes  2. Increased crime  3. Increased probability of fire  4. Reduced tax base for local governments”

Demo Map