Tarentum Utility Customers,

Please be advised your June 2021 utility bill will be arriving later than usual. This applies to all electric, water and trash customers. Due to the delay, there will be no late fees, penalties, or shutoffs for the month of June. We kindly ask that all bills are paid by Friday, June 25, 2021 to avoid outstanding amounts carrying over to your July 2021 bill.

We have encountered a few delays as we work to convert data from our old software to a new utility billing system. Our office has continued to work with the new software provider to resolve all data conversion matters prior to printing and mailing of the new bills.

We hope to mail out the June utility bills by the end of this week (June 4, 2021). Regardless of the mailing date, Borough Council voted to temporarily suspend all late fees, penalties, and shutoffs for this month in an effort to make this transition as smooth as possible for our office and our customers.

As we transition into our new billing system, there are a few noteworthy items for some of our current customers. All customers will have a slightly different account number under the new system. Your monthly utility bill will have a different look and contain different information than the previous bill. We hope that the new look will be more informative and contain better information for our customers. Upon receipt of your next bill, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new layout. It contains all of the previous information plus some additional data about your usage and consumption.

For those customers who typically pay with a credit card (online, by phone, or in-person), we now have a different processing system. Information about paying with a credit card will be distributed with your new bill. For many customers, the credit card service fees have been lowered from the prior rates.

If you currently use the autopay system, you will have to re-enroll with our new provider. We will provide enrollment information on your new bill.

For those customers on a budget billing plan, please continue to pay your usual budget amount. We closed out your budget plan in our old system, and we are re-opening your account in the new system. We expect to have those customers back on the budget billing plan for the July 2021 bills. As part of the conversion, some of the accounts are showing full amounts due while others are showing account credits. Please do not be alarmed by any discrepancy that you may see on your June bill.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this system upgrade. Our office staff has been working diligently to complete virtual and in-person training with our new software provider. As such, we also thank you for your patience as we work to return a backlog of phone calls, voice messages and emails.

Michael L. Nestico
Borough Manager

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