2019 Tarentum Recreation Board

Front (L to R): Cindy Homburg, Carrie Fox, Becky May, Gina Landa
Rear (L to R): Hugh Fox, Lorraine White, Tim Rapp, Barbara Magnetta

The Tarentum Recreation Board is made up of nine board members. The Board is responsible for hosting a number of community events including the Summer Concert Series, Senior Bingo, holiday parade events and much more! The Board meets on the last Tuesday of each month. 

Contact Info:
Board President, Carrie Fox (cfox@tarentumboro.com)

New Items:

2019 Event Schedule:

Please see the Borough calendar for a full list of Borough events. For Summer Concert events, the snack shack opens at 6PM. Concerts start at 7PM. Starting in 2019, concerts have been moved to Thursday evenings. Some of the upcoming Recreation Board events are: 2019.12.10 – Senior Bingo Fall Event – 1PM 2019.12.20 – Business Window Decoration Contest Judging 2020 Tentative Events: Valentine’s Day Luncheon “Vegas” Spring Bingo Pictures with the Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt Spring Trash to Treasure Thursday Concerts in the Park Summer Trash to Treasure Scarecrow Contest Boo Festival Christmas Parade Business Window Decoration Contest

Past Events:


2019.11.23 – Christmas Parade – 1PM

2019.10.12 – BooFestival at Riverview Memorial Park – 3PM

2019.09.12 – 2019.09.14 – Summit Hose FallFest in Riverview Memorial Park

2019.09.07 – Health Fair – 11AM to 3PM

2019.08.29 – American Pie (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.08.15 – Classic Brew Band (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.08.04 – Risen to Save (Sunday Concert) at Magnetta Ampitheatre (12PM)

2019.08.01 – The Free Agents (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.07.25 – Daniels & McClain (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.07.18 – The Original Class Act (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.06.30 – Dick Tady Orchestra (Sunday Concert) at Magnetta Ampitheatre (12PM)

2019.06.27 – Mike Huston & Jeff Conner (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.06.20 – Sounds of Elvis (Summer Concert Series) at Magnetta Ampitheatre

2019.05.19 – Trash to Treasure Event – 8AM to 2PM (TribLive Article)

2019.04.20 – Easter Egg Hunt/Pictures with Bunny – 9AM

2019.04.09 – Senior Bingo Spring Event – 1PM
2019.03.19 – Casino Bus Trip – 8:45AM to 2:45PM

2019.03.09 – Tour of the Water Plant/Sewage Plant – 10AM (TribLive Article)
2019.02.14 – “Love Me Tenders” Elvis Luncheon at Tarenbee

2018.12.04 – Senior Bingo Fall Event (1PM)
2018.11.17 – Christmas Parade (1PM)

2018.10.20 – Boo Festival at Riverview Park (1PM)

2018.10.11 – Historical Ghost Tour at Prospect Cemetery (Contributor)
2018.09.13 – 2018.09.15 – FallFest in Riverview Memorial Park (Contributor)
2018.08.29 – Summer Concert: Maryann Mangini Trio (7PM)
2018.08.22 – Summer Concert: Daniels & McClain (7PM)
2018.08.12 – “Music for a Cause” (12PM)
2018.08.08 – Summer Concert: Kardacz Brothers (7PM)
2018.08.01 – Summer Concert: WannaBeatles (7PM)
2018.07.11 – Summer Concert: The Shiners (7PM)
2018.07.03 – 4th of July Fireworks (10PM)
2018.06.20 – Summer Concert: American Pie (7PM)
2018.06.09 – Walking Tour of Riverview Memorial Park (11AM)

2018.04.24 – Meet and greet event with local municipal officials at the Tarentum Masonic Lodge #502. The event was headlined by special guest speaker Michelle Wright of WTAE.

Board Members

Member:Term Expiration:
Carrie Fox12/31/2022
Cindy Homburg12/31/2022
Gina Landa12/31/2021
Becky May12/31/2023
Timothy Rapp12/31/2019
Lorraine White12/31/2019
Hugh Fox12/31/2020
Barbara Magnetta12/31/2020
2017 Tarentum Rec Board


For park event requests and more information, please contact the Borough Manager (mnestico@tarentumboro.com) for more information.

Park Event Request Forms:
Event Application (Word)
Event Application (Fillable PDF)

News and Media:

On June 6, 2019, Recreation Board members planted flowers in West Tarentum at the “Welcome to Tarentum” sign and in the park at the Gazebo!