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  1. Purpose.  The RFO District is designed to encourage innovative development in conjunction with complementary protection of the Borough’s natural features and assets, including its riverfront and wooded hillsides.
  2. Applicability of the Districts.  The RFO District shall be designated as an overlay district.  Therefore, the district standards, whether greater or lesser than those of the underlying base zoning district, shall prevail when uses expressly authorized within the overlay are constructed, operated, and maintained. 
  3. The following uses shall be authorized as permitted uses within the RFO District:
    1. All permitted and conditional uses in the R-1 Single Family District.
    2. Administrative and Professional Offices
    3. Banquet Hall
    4. Entertainment Recreation Facilities, Indoor
    5. Personal Care Home
    6. School, Private
    7. Group Residential Facility
    8. Planned Commerce Park Model
    9. Hospital or Clinic
    10. Transitional Residential Facility
    11. Animal Hospital/Clinic
  4. Basic Dimensional Standards.  The following shall apply to all uses authorized
    1. Minimum Front Yard: 75 Feet  
    2. Minimum Side Yard: 60 Feet
    3. Minimum Rear Yard: 75 Feet
    4. Maximum Lot Coverage: 40 Percent
    5. Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage: 60 Percent
    6. Minimum Lot Area: 40,000 square feet
    7. Minimum Lot Width: 150 feet
  5. Dimensional Standards for authorized conditional uses.  The Planned Commercial Park Model shall be subject to the standards enumerated in Section 265-504. 
    1. Minimum Front Yard: 75 Feet 
    2. Minimum Side Yard: 75 Feet
    3. Minimum Rear Yard: 75 Feet
    4. All yards shall increase by five feet for every thousand square feet of gross floor area beyond five thousand square feet of total gross floor area of buildings on the lot.
    5. Maximum Lot Coverage: 35 Percent
    6. Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage: 50 Percent
    7. Minimum Lot Area: 80,000 square feet
    8. Minimum Lot Width: 50 feet
    9. Maximum Building Height:  45 feet or three stories, whichever is less.